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The war against spam continues . . .

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Fighting spam is a technological arms race. You need to filter and take action to fight it. People are concerned about fraud, objectionable content and privacy. Spam often uses misspelled content to bypass spam filters. Much of today's spam is distributed via unprotected computers of people with email systems that include educational institutions and home broadband users. Just one unprotected computer can send several million spam messages in a few hours. Spam wastes time and clogs up in-boxes and email servers.

We fight spam on several levels:
1. We quarantine mail if it is not from a legitimate email server.
2. We quarantine the email of known spammers.
3. We quarantine email that contains code spammers use.
4. We quarantine using an intelligent filter that learns to identify the latest spam content.

Several benefits separate us from other spam filtering services:

1. All spam is quarantined for ten days. Spam is not deleted until after ten days.
2. Each individual email user has access to their individual quarantined email. Users can release (send it to themselves), or delete items in the quarantine. If left alone, quarantined items will self-delete after the ten day period.
3. Email attachments are filtered to remove executable files that could be a virus. These attachments are removed from email before being sent to your mail system.
4. Should your mail server be out-of-service for maintenance, we will hold all email till your server is again operational.
5. Setup is easy. We only require only a simple domain MX record change. We then CyberSpamFilter and forward your domain email to you. Call us to discuss setup and some additional methods that will enhance security for your email server.
6. Our filtering service is inexpensive. After a one-time $50 setup fee, cost is only $1 an email address per month, $15 minimum. Sign up today!
7. We operate multiple CyberSpamFilter servers for high-reliablity.
8. We offer easy online billing and payment options of e-check, credit card and PayPal.